Composing feed is our expertise.  While doing this, we are striving for the highest possible quality. HAVENS Feed is HACCP and GMP+ certified. Since 2005, HAVENS also participates in SAFE-FEED, the new European standard in feed-quality. All incoming ingredients, the complete production process and the delivery of products are subject to strict rules to ensure safe feed of a qualitative high standard according to HACCP and GMP+. Through intensive contacts with farmers and our own scientific research, we are able to optimize our feed concepts continuously to meet actual market needs and maintain our premium quality feed.
All the products in our assortment have their own nutritional requirements regarding protein, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients.
These depend on the country of destination, type of animal and availability of local raw materials. A special composition is made for each feed, based on the requirements. Most of the cereals and protein-sources are supplied by ship and come from Europe and South-America.
With our high-quality products, backed by our knowledge of feeding and livestock farming, we are sure it will contribute considerably to the economical success of your farm and the growth and health of your livestock.
The high quality of the raw materials, the large diversity of the ingredients, the innovative production facilities and the consistent recipes make a bag of HAVENS Feed really stand out from other brands.