HAVENS Feed offers a complete range of complete feed and concentrates for all type of animals; poultry, layers, broilers, camels, rabbits, sheep, ruminants and pigs. The product range comprises complete feeds and concentrates to be mixed with locally available raw materials.
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Knowing what you NEED = Knowing what to FEED.
Feed-formulation starts by knowing exactly your farm's needs. Before every offer, our feed- and animal-specialists always make a thorough investigation of your needs, especially when it comes to:
  • use of local ingredients
  • desires on growth and animal performance
  • feeding-system
  • animal-health
  • specific circumstances, etc.
  • Use of local ingredients
We are happy to assist you in finding the right feed for your animal. Kindly contact our Help-Desk with detailed in order to give you a feeding advice that fits your animal.