Animal Nutrition

We attach great value to knowing exactly the nutritional value of all ingredients we use and to the nutritional value of all locally available ingredients, used by our customers.
Feed-formulation starts by knowing exactly your farm needs. Before every offer, our feed- and animal-specialists always make a thorough investigation of your needs, especially when it comes to:
  • use of local ingredients;
  • desires on growth and animal performance;
  • feeding-system;
  • animal-health;
  • specific circumstances.
Therefore, our feed-nutritionists always try to optimise the best concentrate for every specific situation. In close partnership with our customers, HAVENS supplies custom-made feed concentrates to obtain the lowest possible feeding-costs.
HAVENS Feed Concentrates are always based on the widest possible variety of fluid and liquid protein-sources, special coated vitamins and minerals and they always match the specific needs of the farm. Because premium quality concentrates will be most cost-efficient in the long term. To keep this high quality of concentrates we have our in-house laboratory. We also work closely with internationally known laboratories to make sure we keep up our premium quality.