Valorising local ingredients

Modern feed formulation combines locally available ingredients (cereals (wheat, corn, barley), soybean-meal, limestone, etc.) with a special feed concentrate, providing all necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients (probiotics, yeast, special organic acids, etc.). HAVENS produces feed concentrates in various inclusion rates, starting from 2.5 % up to 30 %. The inclusion rate depends on the species of the animal, availability and quality of local ingredients and technical possibilities of your mixing equipment.
Since the 1980ies, HAVENS has been a pioneer in this particular field. In close partnership with some of Europe’s largest livestock-farmers in the Netherlands and Germany, HAVENS supplies custom-made feed concentrates to obtain the lowest possible feeding-costs.
These concentrates can be supplied in bulk (for Holland and Germany) or in bags or big-bags (for export).
HAVENS Feed Concentrates are always based on the widest possible variety of fluid and liquid protein-sources, special coated vitamins and minerals. Because we believe feed should be healthy in the first place.
Since 1992, our production is HACCP-Certified for several quality-programs like GMP-, GMP-plus, QS Qualität und Sicherheit, KAT- and Secure Feed.