While composing our feeds quality and safety are our top priority. For our feed composition we only use the raw materials that will increase the health and performance of your animals.
HAVENS Feed supplies a wide range of complete feeds and feed concentrates for pigs, sows and fattening. We always look to the specific situation of our clients, regarding climate, breed, housing and availability of raw materials. Therefore, we can produce customised feeds for all our clients. Due our long experience, over 150 years in raw materials, we produce our premium quality feed for every unique situation.
Our goal is to get the best results for every pig farm; your success, is our success!
HAVENS Feed supplies complete feed and pig concentrates for piglets, sows and fattening.


A good start is important for the performance and growth of young animals now and in the future. HAVENS Feed produces a special feed focused on piglets, especially intestinal health is crucial for these type of animals. Investing in healthy intestinal flora will help the pigs in the future, a very important investment in your pigs that will pay itself back in the future. To reach this goal it is important to give the right products at the right time.
Premium quality feed; for a premium growth of your piglets and feed conversion. Your success, is our success!


Sows have to be in top condition to achieve their very best, day after day. Good management, good bone structure, climate and good feed together have to be in perfect harmony to create the optimal conditions. Premium feed is essential to help your sows to stay in this top condition. They require the right amount of protein and energy levels.
Premium quality feed; for a premium development of your sows and feed conversion. Your success, is our success!


Good meat quality, optimal growth and a good feed conversion are very important for fattening. HAVENS Feeds helps every specific client with a customised solution to reach optimal results for every farmer.
A combination of breed, health, genetics, climate, housing and quality of feed determine the result of a farm. HAVENS Feed supplies premium pig feed and concentrates for every situation. Our professionals help you to reach the highest goals.
Premium quality feed; for a premium feed conversion. Your success, is our success!