Every poultry farm is different and has its own needs. Depending on livestock, breed, housing and local available raw materials, HAVENS Feed offers a customised feed solution for every poultry farm. Because; high quality feed and well balanced rations are the base for healthy chickens.
Know-how of poultry is where it all begins. Our feed-formulation always follows the special requirements of your flock and your farms’ objectives concerning growth, production, feeding-method and animal health. Together with our long experience and nutritional team we can guarantee our premium quality of poultry concentrates.
Our goal is to get the best results for every poultry farm; your success, is our success!
HAVENS Feed supplies complete feed and poultry concentrates for day-old chicks, layers and broilers.

Day-old chicks

Golden PreStart; for a golden start of your day-old chicks
The first seven days of a chick are the most crucial. These days will lay the base for the further life of the layer or broiler. The Gold PreStart is a small pellet (3 mm) that contains all nutrients for producing healthy and strong birds. A popular product according to our HAVENS Feed customers.
This small pellet is a complete and balanced recipe, containing all essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. Golden PreStart contains high level of highly digestible proteins, extra amino-acids and high-quality carbohydrates.
Havens Golden PreStart will give your day-old chicks the golden start they need and deserve. In our brochure you find more information about our premium quality feeds.


Large, high quality eggs are the goals of every layer farm. Good housing, the best climate, a strong breed and premium quality feed together will lead to a high laying percentage; everything has to be 100%. Nutritional values as energy, protein and amino acids have to be in the right balance. Also fats and B-vitamins are very important for poultry. To ensure our premium quality layer feed concentrates we only use the best quality of raw materials; only this way we can guarantee the best feed and poultry concentrate for your farm.
To achieve the best result for the lowest costs HAVENS Feed introduced the Gold XL Layer Concentrates. A superior Layer Concentrate with all required amino-acids and vitamins. Our concentrates are based on our long experience in the feed business and the latest research by our nutritional team.
HAVENS Gold XL Layer Concentrate for high quality, tasty XL eggs. Your success, is our success!
In our brochure you find more information about our premium quality feeds.


Broilers are all about feed conversion ratio and low mortality rate. In order to achieve the best results it is important to create optimal conditions for the broilers. Within just a few weeks the birds have to be at their peak to gain the best results. At HAVENS Feed we understand the needs of  broilers; therefore we only use the highest quality raw materials to produce our premium quality broiler concentrate.
HAVENS Feed introduced the Broiler Natural concentrate. A complete concentrate with all important vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. A natural growing and finishing concentrate, for a tasty and pure meat quality, with an emphasis on natural and steady growth. A more natural growth will help to lower mortality rate and give the best feed conversion.
Premium quality feed; for a premium meat quality and feed conversion. Your success, is our success!
In our brochure you find more information about our premium quality feeds.